Close Up Magic

For Any Event

Walk Around / Strolling Magic

Close Up Magic is a skilful entertaining artform that only an able magician can present in a professional manner but is suitable for any type of event, in any type of venue in any destination. It may look like a simple thing but behind each magic effect there are several months practicing the effect at home. Then it takes years of experience performing it for a real live audience in order to perfect each and every detail of the effect. Brian is not short of the experience, neither of the range of effects he has skillfully mastered over the years presenting them for real live audiences worldwide.

Guests are entertained by the magician performing a range of magic effects designed to be performed at close quarters. There is need for a performing space since the magician will either be walking around guests during stand up reception type of events or strolling from one table to another during seated events such as dinners, lunches or in bars and restaurants.

Brian Role` has provided close up magic for several weddings, corporate events, in restaurants, at bars, for conventions, at exhibitions and on cruise ships. His range of close up magic varies from amazing sleight of hand, magic with cards, vanishing and reappearance of objects, magic with borrowed objects, magic with money and his specialty; levitating small objects at very close quarters.

Brian presents his performance in a humorous and entertaining manner throughout, leaving everyone amazed and entertained.

When you book Brian role to perform his range of close up magic for your event, you are guaranteed a top class high standard professional magic act at the closest distance you will ever get to be.

Be assured that your guests will be entertained and Brian will live up to your expectations.

"Everyone was dazzled by his (Brian's) tricks some even saying it’s the best magic they have ever seen”
-F Van Riel Events Coordinator RAKETECH

"I was certainly confounded by the tricks you performed even when very close up, I still had no idea how it was done."
- Mr P Robinson President B.R.A.

"Everyone is still talking about it!!"
Close Up Magician Malta

For Seated Events

Whether it's a lunch or dinner serving as a special incentive for your staff or for your best clients, a family get-together or other social type of event, close up magic around the tables is an ideal for of entertainment during these type of settings. Trust Brian to get everyone involved, one way or the other, leaving them in awe and entertained during his brief interaction at their table.

Seated Dinners and Lunches
Magic selected for any type of setting.
Strolling Magic Magicia in Malta

Walk Around Magic

Tailored for situations where guests are standing. Brian will go around the guests announcing himself as the magician and will entertain them throughout the function. The magic provided does not make use of any sort of table and more than often the magic happens in the guests' own hands.

Walk Around Magic
Designed to entertain small groups of people.
Brian Role Close Up Magic in Malta

Close Up Magic Conventions

Brian has performed close up magic during conventions and exhibitions in several countries world wide but mainly in Malta. The magic is designed to attract a crowd at the stand or where Brian will be placed to perform. Brian will bring his own small side table to use for effects that require a table and given the right timeframe pre hand in order to do this, may also be able to customise magic effects with branding or specifically to give a message for promotional or branding reasons.

Magic designed to draw people
Offer something different at your stand.


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